Monday, March 22, 2010

1st day at Melbourne

Finally it’s time for me to take off in Air Asia D7 2724. So touched with so many friends came to send me. The rain at night makes the whole atmosphere even more gloomier.



I finally get on the plane, without turning back… it’s time to go, it’s time to move on into a new phase of my life.

I was lucky to have two seats to myself. One of the seat on my right was vacant, I was enjoying my sweet time there, but still, everytime i try to sleep, there was annoucement from the pilot, making my sleep process going back to stage one again….

i took my food a bit later at about 6am(malaysia time) cause it’s 9am in Melbourne. My RM 10 Nasi Lemak meal


Actually it’s quite nice, Nasi lemak with chicken curry and a bottle of mineral water. the small container you see (which looks like a communion plastic cup and cover we use) contains the anchovies and nuts. I finish it till the last bite!

The plane landed at the airport at 12:05pm, earlier than the expected ETA, which is good.


It took me awhile in the airport because I brought some food together. The customs were very strict and they check every food that i brought, which I think was good. Lucky me, the que wasn’t long that time. I manage to finish everything taking not very long time…

smell of the fresh air, the coldness of the wind…


I met with one my ex church member whom is so generous to let us stay at his place. After we put our luggage at his place, we went to the city to have lunch at a Vietnamese Restaurant


I chose the “Chicken Special” where by they mix the parts of the chicken together and it was really nice!


looks like burger king? actually it’s exactly the same as burger king, just different name =.=



China town… nothing much here actually. :p

Then I met up with my beloved ji mui!! hugs…. so happy! we went to a greek restaurant and it was so nice! it is meat dip is different sauce and wrapped in a pita. it’s a lot of DIY which makes it even more tasty!


later on i walk on a bridge which apparently one of the movies acted by Nicholas Cage, was filmed here…


ok thats all for today! time to sleep and tomorrow will be another great day! I will be mostly on foot tomorrow to tour around Melbourne City! yay!


remsal said...

Haha... Yeah the rain... Like I wrote in the status (well, in Chinese): "See, even the sky is showing our mood, raining over yoru departure"
Rather sentimental statement which lots of my friend commented tho...LOL Which I explained that's merely for the sake of typing nia... :P
Keep us posted~ *Kenapa lah takda photo of your beloved ji mui?*

eYeS & eArS said...

hahaha i can't read chinese... :p
guess you got lots of explaination to your friends to do...

花生豆花Star said...