Sunday, March 28, 2010

7th day in Melbourne

Today I’ll be going to church with my ji mui. The church is called Compass Church. Woke up at 6:30am to leave because I’m going with Irwan and he needs to reach earlier to serve…


The service was held at one of the halls in this building. They need to reach earlier to set up all the equipments. Service starts at 10am. The presence of God was very thick. I met Pastor Phil and he is very friendly. There was coffee serving outside the hall right before service. After the service, I just met amazing people from different countries, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa, China




oh and one of the main highlights.. I met someone that look so much like ….


can’t guess? he looks so much like Ps Kong!!!


After that we went to have lunch at a place called La Porchetta, Italian food.


Met some people from China, and there’s this guy which is so funny… in the picture on the left


He’s so pity, got bullied by the guys… hahaha He seems to always be the target… hahaha


ops… Fabian? :p


thanks guys! you guys rock!


I have been very forgetful to take pictures… manage to take the picture of the last piece before I gobbled up. The pizza is really nice! Love it so much! the pizza is called Meat Lovers! probably thats what I am thats why I love it so much! hahaha but I have to start being healthy… need to eat more vegetable…


After that being tired, we went to the Art Market… Apparently there’s a street show going on there…


There’s this guy doing these acrobatic stunts… well I joined in the fun as well… :p


I have no idea what he’s trying to do… :p He asked me to volunteer and well I guess it wouldn’t hurt to just help him. But he’s really a funny guy…


ya he’s doing the backflip while we’re just lying there… Well I was the last… :p hahaha but great amazing show.


the art market sells a lot of “artistic” stuff. Mostly self handmade. some of the hand-made cards are just really nice!

Went back after that being so tired…. my muscle still ache from the footy on the previous day… The entire day my muscle have been aching… People have to wait for me when climbing stairs… I felt like a disabled man/old man… :P so sad… Hopefully it won’t last till tomorrow… hahaha but this just shows one thing, I haven’t been exercising for so long… I must start to exercise!

After that, for dinner Skippy cooked us a nice meal… thanks so much Skippy! my flatmates are amazing!


yummy!!! tomorrow we will be going to Williamstown, a fishing village… hahaha guess I can try to compare with Pulau Ketam then… :p