Saturday, March 27, 2010

6th day in Melbourne

Today going up to Mt Dandenong!!! yay!!! I’ll be meeting my ji mui at the Thornbury station. We had a relax start of the day and head to Findler’s Street  Station (which we’re quite familiar at the moment already) and took a train to Thornbury station.


Went to this bridge and there’s a plate here that shows a bit of the history of Melbourne. It also shows how different people from different countries came together in Australia, their number and where they are from.


I found Malaysia’s!


Waiting for the train to come…


We reach Thornbury at about 11:30am. Start to see the houses here. Then met my ji mui and Rita was very kind to join us. She drove and fetch us to Mt Dandenong…


The houses along the street are by itself. they are not attached to one another and each houses have their own design. Every houses has their own sufficient space of garden. It’s very nice and lovely.


We reach to a place called Pie in the sky…


They have really nice pies with different fillings. I took the utmost famous one, Beef and Guinness!


Mine came with mashed potatoes which I ordered it…

P1030402 P1030399 P1030400 P1030401 

They have nice interior designs… Very country… There’s also information on Ned Kelly, the famous criminal or some regard him as “robin hood” of that time. I have read some of his history, it was interesting!



We then went to this Lolly shop that sells lollipops and sweets….


After that we head on to the Mt Dandenong, where the place to see the beautiful view.


It something like “Small Genting” or “Lookout Point” in Malaysia but this is in Melbourne. We can see the city centre from there. But because of the haze, the visibility is less. I bet we should be able to see the sea if there were less haze. But it’s nice. The view is facing West side that time. We rested for awhile and take few deep breaths of the fresh air… Then got down and head on for tea break…


Along the way, there were some cyclist there were climbing uphill. Go go go!!! wow, they really have that spirit to cycle!


We reached Ms Marples and had some tea with desserts. It was very nice and lovely. The interior design was very nice as the walls have shelfs of various designs of teapots….




I always have liked this kind of small little tea house then we can enjoy tea and some desserts… Just relax and let our mind take place in resting…



The food looks really delicious aren’t they? I already missing the waffles already… the second picture shows the chocolate cake i think… It’s very rich.. I love rich chocolate cakes… though sometimes they make me jelak… :p

Later on we stroll along the street and have a look at things on exhibition or on sale… Saw this doll house…

P1030469 P1030462 P1030463 P1030464 P1030465 P1030466 P1030467 P1030468     

Aren’t they so lovely? So nice!


Saw a very furry cat… the furr is really like carpet… It was walking around so I didn’t really get a good image of it. P1030481

After that Rita brought us to Dave’s farm to have moonlight cinema with bbq. I really didn’t know the farm is THIS BIG!…


There were friends from different churches… We had a chance to expose to Footy! yay!!! After that little did I know, I was panting so hardly even after a little exercise! guess I didn’t have exercise for a VERY long time…



As the sun sets, we get ourselves ready to watch the moonlight cinema. We watched “Iron man” which was very nice cause it’s one of my favourites!!! 

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