Friday, March 26, 2010

5th day in Melbourne

Wake up today to go to St Kilda’s beach, the only the beach that is nearby. Today is also the Grandprix in Australia. We decided to take a tram (number 96) to St Kilda’s beach. upon arriving…





the scorching heat really burns my skin…

We saw some people taking some odd surf boards with paddles…



it’s called paddle boarding. It’s a sport where you stand on the surf board and  you paddle…

after that we walked to the pier






P1030271 P1030270   

P1030274 P1030272

There seem to be penguins living here. It suppose to be the habitats of the penguins… but I can’t see them anywhere… :p



some boats were there. But there was no people around there…


On the same day, there were some planes doing some show there. I believe it must be due to the F1 Grand Prix that were held that day.


There were some jelly fish which was close to the water surface… oh my, there were very big… one got stuck at the rocks…



The people just like to lie to get the sun. I can’t stand the sun.. maybe enough sun for me already in Malaysia… hahaha

After that we took a tram back to the city and I finally found the BATMAN PARK


There’s not much thing at the park. I think plenty of parks in Melbourne looks like this one. there are just so many parks in Melbourne that it seems normal already… well or probably from where I came from is abnormal… :p


We went into Melbourne Aquarium, but just to have a look. we might come over here the next week.

Not having any directions, we decided to have a coffee at “Overdraft Cafe”. I wonder what that means… Overdraft.. thought I can pay with overdraft…


Had a flat white coffee and a small chocolate cake. The cake was nice, very chocolatey, the coffee was just okay only. I like Latte better, but will try Mocha soon…

were there for probably an hour or two before walking to St Paul’s Cathedral…




P1030307 P1030308 P1030309 P1030311 P1030312 P1030313 P1030314 P1030315

After that i met with my beloved Ji mui!!! we went to the Geco at Crowns to have lovely cakes!

P1030329 P1030319 P1030320 P1030321 P1030322 P1030324 P1030325 P1030326 P1030327 P1030328

wow… it’s just so nice… even nicer than the ones in Malaysia…. :p

P1030333 P1030332

After that we went to stroll in Crowns shopping complex and I found a chocolate shop which is very nice… the chocolates are just so cute!

P1030341 P1030336 P1030337 P1030338 P1030339 P1030340

Later on, my ji mui brought me to Korea food at night… it’s quite nice and I love it because it’s very Korean… not the “blended with local culture” Korean, but really Korean…

P1030363 P1030357 P1030359

I like this one particularly (the above)

P1030360 P1030361

wow, that was just so good. I’m so so full because earlier on had cakes and now to Korean food…

Tomorrow we’re going to Mt Dandenong!!! yay! time to experience a bit of the countryside!

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