Saturday, November 1, 2008

Disney Mee in Cup... funny

Just now I had Mee in Cup which I bought from Thailand. Initially I bought it because it's so cute... Have Winnie the Pooh on it! Never actually seen it around here...

Winnie the pooh Mee

DSC03469 DSC03468

Put in hot water wait for 3 minutes and voila! It's quite nice actually.


There's no need to open sachets of flavour and others because it's already put with the mee. But they didn't provide plastic fork... so I have to use my own...

Then as I was eating while watching a cantonese comedy by Eason Chan... I look down awhile to eat.... and.... it amazes me to see this....


CCa-aann-n you see it?!??!?! it's actually winnie the pooh's picture on some tauhu! Wow! Cute! hahaha... Creative!

I'm wondering when will probably we Malaysians come out with our on Cartoon-on-cup the up-most famous ---- "KELUANG MAN"! hahaha... mayb...

keluang_man Keluang 2

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