Friday, October 31, 2008

Wonderful Trip to Bangkok

DSC02916 Arriving at Bangkok at night about 8pm, we checked in to our hotel at Grand President, which turn out to be quite a good hotel. I quickly checked in, and we went out for a night in Bangkok to see the nightlife in Bangkok. Not much to blog about it cause not much picture was taken at night. I'll skip straight to the morning.

In the morning, when I woke up, I booked with the hotel attendant DSC02924 to goto the famous Grand Palace and Emerald Buddha temple. He was kind enough to help me make the calls, and not long after my van reached and picked me up. On the way we went to pick up few more passengers to go to the Grand Palace.


The journey to Grand Palace took about half an hour. It seems that there was a slow traffic in Bangkok that morning. I used my favourite K800i to take few pictures :-


DSC02926 DSC02928 DSC02934 


And finally reached to Grand Palace.  And I'm already half dead thirsty... It is really a very hot day. But all my tiredness went away as I walk in a bit and saw the magnificent golden color temple. It looks like a bell though. But it surely is really pretty magnificent from far. DSC02949 Quickly we walk inside to see how the building is like inside. there were so many people around. Mostly tourist from out of Thailand, like from China, UK etc... There are also local students there, probably having a school visit to the Grand Palace.

DSC02955As soon as I stepped inside, the tour guide first brought me to see  the temples beside the Emerald Buddha temple. It was the magnificent "bell-liked" shape temple. But it was not allowed to go in. Only can be seen from outside. The surface outside is all covered with gold paint, therefore, it really look shiny. There's another temple behind it and some strange creatures statues beside it. DSC02986

Then the tour guide brought me to see the Emerald Buddha Temple, which was so so so BIG! The outside of the building is decorated beautifully. I'm just so mesmerized by the beauty of it. DSC03015 DSC03016DSC03022 I have so many pics, but there just isn't enough space for me to put here. To view more pics, please look to my album at facebook. We were not allowed to take pics inside the temple. Therefore, I'm only able to take the pictures outside. I spent about 15 minutes just taking pictures over there.


DSC03049 Then the tour guide took me to the Grand Palace to see where the past Kings stayed. The current King of Thailand does not stay there anymore and He stay somewhere else, The place has now become a tourist spot, but only sometimes, its' open to  DSC03059 visitors(Government VIPS) from overseas to come and stay over at the place. The architecture seem to have western culture. From bottom, the design is western. Only the rooftop retain the bits of culture of Thailand. It seems that the King allowed western culture to be mixed with the local culture.



The trip at Grand Palace and Emerald Temple wasn't very long. After that, the tour guide told me he have a "good" idea... He say he will bring me to the Jade factory which is nearby Chatujak weekend market. Then a mini van will bring me to Chatujak. I guess all tour guide wherever you go will surely bring you to such places. I remember the last time I went to China, we also spent lots of time at factories. At Jade factory, as normal, a tour guide bring me from station to station to see how the jade is made and how the necklaces, rings etc are made with the jade. Then, brought me to the "exhibition" room where they start to sell us the things. I hurried myself up so that I can go to Chatujak Weekend Market.


DSC03131 Arriving at Chatujak Weekend Market, the place is so big that there's a few times I got lost in the midst of the shops. There were so many things sold here. From shirts, pants, shoes, socks, underwear, hats, bags, handbags, toys, keychains, baskets whatever you need, I think it's all over here. they have varieties of shirts as well, from those branded ones (don't expect original here!!!), to those you have never heard of names... I bought myself a cheap branded backpack from a shop selling all kinds of bags at 199 Baht. You won't believe it, because they sell all types of bags from handbags, sports bag, to big camping backs at the SAME PRICE!!! I didn't manage to take photograph as I was busy choosing bags myself!

DSC03133 At the street of Chatujak, I saw some kids performing to get money. There's a board in front of them writing "To-education". It's really sad to see kids performing to get money just for their education. Some are singing, some are dancing. Sometimes, looking at their eyes, you can really see the sadness in their eyes. At their free time, they spent most of it on performing to get money for their education. Most of us always complain that we're so bored at our free time, we go shopping complex, go online, go blogging, watch movies, eat... but these children don't even have time for themselves, they have to earn their own money for their living.

DSC03150After spending some time in Chatujak shopping, I head to the BTS  sky train to go back to my hotel. Their BTS is quite similar to our LRT, where its on the rail exposed to the atmosphere. It's not cheap though, going through a short distance is already 40 Baht.


DSC03152 Upon reaching my hotel, I took the tickets for Siam Nimarat and head to the MRT to take a train to the Thailand Cultural Centre. Then it started raining. It was the most adventurous thing ever. There are street stalls at the whole side of the road. Under the street stalls I can take cover from the rain, but sometimes there are distance between the street stalls which is quite far... I have to run from one stall to another stall to get away from the rain! It really is a great experience! hahaha getting soaked wet in Bangkok!

DSC03156  Their MRT is quite similar to the Singapore MRT. I almost felt like I was in Singapore for awhile.




reaching to the Thailand Cultural Centre station, a van was waiting for us(those going for Siam Niramit). The van took us to the Siam Niramit. Siam Niramit is actually certified by Guiness as the highest stage in the WORLD! wow thats really amazing! reach just in time to go in for the show. We were not allowed to take picture inside the show. But I can tell you that the show is really magnificent. It shows the culture of Thailand at different places and how despite the differences in their culture, their beliefs brought them together, and how they go through daily life. Majority of Thais Buddhist, and therefore they believe in gaining merits by doing good works. The show took about 1 and half hour. Though it was short, but it really is quite entertaining!



DSC03175After watching the Siam Niramit, most of the people wouldn't want  to leave the hall. Hahaha I can't deny I myself wanted to watch more. The show is really fantastic! The ticket for show only if you purchase over there is 1500 Baht. My hotel attendant was kind enough to help me book for just 1200 Baht. yay!



After that, I didn't go much places but just take a few photos of Bangkok before heading back to Malaysia. This trip to Bangkok is really good. If I ever have another chance to come, I will surely come again!


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