Thursday, November 6, 2008

Morning Exercise

I've been wanting to do morning exercise for long now, and I found something interesting(press F5, if it fails to load below)...

I've just started to do this morning exercise yesterday morning, and I really feel more energetic to go to work after exercising! I think better, have lesser clogs in my mind, walk faster, speak clearer, smile even more and think more positive. Most important is, I feel happier! Morning exercise is so good! I also implemented in my morning assembly at work place with all my subordinates (about 30 of them doing it this morning). hahaha they were having so much fun! I guess I will make it permanent with them, other than getting a healthy body, it also can improve their mood in the morning!

I also came across some funny morning exercise...

hahaha the japanese are just so creative!

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