Sunday, November 2, 2008

Visit to Rumah Charis

DSC03480Today I have a nice visit to Rumah Charis. Thanks so much Novia,  for helping and bringing me around. It's actually an orphanage and old folks home added together. As we reached earlier at about 5:30pm, many of the children are not back yet from church. I have a chance to look around the home to see how is it like.


DSC03483 At about 6 plus, the children came back from church and looking bit tired. They had their dinner and I had a good time watching them eat... hehehe bit rude watching people eat.. but what to do.. hehe i don't really have anything to do that time... Then I start to get to know them slowly one by one.... Gosh, I guess it'll take me awhile to remember their names as I'm DSC03484 really bad with remembering names... After their dinner, it's study time for them. I have the privilege to teach some of them on primary school science. I tell you.... they are so so so so cute... while teaching them, some naughty ones came and kacau the studying one.. and they just can't stop, they're so active! If only I have more pictures to show you... but I didn't took much...


After spending time with them, I feel bit sad leaving them. Actually this is my first time visiting an orphanage. From Novia, I got to know that, actually a lot of them are from families that cannot afford them and sent them here (e.g single parent, broken families) and what they need most is not the gifts, or the presents that people usually buy for them. They have a lot of things with them already (I'm not discouraging you to give to them ya... give also because it's a good thing to do! ) Most of the children there have quite complete stationary with them. Got one boy even have acoustic guitar and another have a bass guitar. But what they really need most is love. Not just occasional visit, but love that they can really feel from us. And it need to be built through time. Through spending time with them, through playing with them, through involving yourself in their life, through helping them through tough times, through caring for them... ]

For now they're really lacking of tuition teachers for primary and secondary school. They need teachers to look into their education and help on their studies. I'm going again on next week sunday to see on what I can help for their tuition. If you also want to volunteer, visit this site to get more details. 

"And the second is like it: `You shall love your neighbor as yourself.'    - MATTHEW 22:39 NKJ


L said...

Glad to have u as one of us in Charis :)...Tom "and Jerry",hahha LOL~~~ will hear more fun and loving experience from u yea!

Tom said...

thanks ya! I'm glad to help out, the kids are just so cuuuttee!!!