Friday, November 14, 2008

Asia Conference!

Asia Conference is almost here!!! It's just 3 days away!!! I'm so excited about it!!! check out!!! 

Asia Conference

Coming from all around the globe so many famous preacher that have inspired and changed my life! They are...


Pastor Kong, He is the founder and senior pastor of City Harvest Church (CHC), Singapore—a Spirit-filled Pentecostal church that was birthed in 1989. With just 20 members at its inception, the church has grown to an average weekly attendance of over 24,000 members today with 71 percent first-time converts! I just love to listen to ALL his sermons! Change my life always and growing me from glory to glory!


Benny Hinn, a world-renowned healing evangelist who has traveled extensively around the globe, preaching and teaching on the biblical principle of divine healing through the atoning work of Jesus Christ on the cross. I went to one of his Healing Crusade at Singapore last year, and it was AMAZING! so many people getting up from wheelchairs, and you can see the power of God swept through the entire stadium!!!

Rev. A.R. Bernard is the founder and CEO of the Christian Cultural Center (CCC). Located in New York City, this faith-based organization currently has over 28,000 members and is situated on a welcoming 11-acre campus. I've listened to many of his sermons and it is really good, relevant and impacting in my life!

Phil Pringle is the senior pastor of Christian City Church, founded in 1980 with a group of just 12 people.
Today, this church incorporates five colleges, a television ministry, a Christian School of Creative Arts and a Christian recording company.

Ulf Ekman is known throughout the world as a premier apostle, dynamic preacher, Bible teacher and author. I just love his sermons! Very faith challenging and will cause you to do more for Jesus Christ!

Chris Pringle is a passionate and gifted speaker, and is one of the prime movers in Oxford Falls Christian City Church, Sydney, Australia, and the movement of churches her husband Dr. Phil Pringle began – Christian City Church International.


And so much more special performances by famous worship leaders around the globe!!! like Carola Häggkvist, Don Moen, True Worshippers, and C3... Visit this site for more information... This is an event not to be missed!!! See you there!!!



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