Friday, January 29, 2010

n82 – my dream phone…

i finally found the phone i’ve been waiting for…. (at least for now)

the Nokia N82!

This phone contains so many features i just love! a.

  • 5 Megapixel auto focus with xenon flash (can take night photos)
  • virtually unlimited internal memory for calendar, phone book and sms.
  • internal memory upgradable to 16g
  • buttons are separated and protuded so easily accessible
  • have wifi
  • have front camera for video call
  • symbian system, therefore able to install a lot of software!
  • active shutter so that can activate camera
  • duo processor to increase the speed
  • calendar synchronizable with google calendar (cool!)
  • GPS with installable Garmin Mobile XT

Downside of this phone

  • charging is from the side, when charging difficult to sms
  • although camera is 5 megapixel, but have lots of noise
  • entertainment button is located not at the right place
  • battery last for 9  hours once full charge.
  • sometimes hang for no reason.
  • sometimes  a bit slow when viewing back the pictures

but all in all, it’s the best phone i can find so far till today.

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