Monday, January 18, 2010

2nd attempt….

the first attempt was a failure, :p except for the orange cake which i consider a success… hehe… i’m not satisfied… Want to try again as soon as possible to bake again!

i went on straight to preparation, beating the mixture, mixing the flour and beating it… ops! forgotten to take picture… :p until when i mix it with the chopped walnuts… here is it…


Haha… so next start to make it in to small pieces on a tray with baking paper using two small little spoons…


and next, to put it in the oven and bake for 15 minutes…


ok the minutes I’ve been waiting for is coming…

I kept on opening the oven to see if it burnt… nervousnyer…

and when i smell the chocolatey cookies smell… took it out… tada!


This is a success…. the outer part is not burnt and inside is crispy crunchy! yes! Let it on the wire tray to let it cool down and dry from all the oil before putting it into container….


and the ingredients i used?


Ingredients :

Brown sugar, salted butter, chocolate paste, egg yolk, flour, cocoa powder, walnuts and chocolate chips

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