Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How to stay awake working after lunch…

When I first start working, this is the thing that i have to battle through after lunch…. STAYING AWAKE!!!!

I tried very hard using my willpower, looking into the computer screen, though under stress, deadlines, presentations… but the power of Sleepiness overcame me… thus I came up with lots of ways to encounter and overcome it.. some works some didn’t… here are the few…


1. Drink black coffee

This works for me…. at least for awhile… before the caffein effect goes off and I’m sleepy again… but normally by the time that happens, my brain has already pick up the enthusiasm level that the natural willpower is up again. But i normally take coffee with milo together, cause when I fast, coffee alone can cause gastric… But warning.. don’t don’t ever take milo alone… it will make you even more sleepy!!!!

2. Eat dried sour plum

I tried this during working as a teacher. Had the chance to buy sour plum then at some shopping centre in Klang. Bought a big pack! It works for the start, at least it makes your mouth go harewire… with that suddenly feel the urge. but not long after that, you will feel sleepy again… warning again… this is not for the weak… I bought an extra extra sour type, and it’s REALLY REALLY SOUR!!! if you can’t take the sourish, then better mix the sour plum with water and drink. it works too!

3. Chatting with colleague while working

Keep a conversation alive with your colleague while working. It helps to keep your brain active and alive while you’re doing your work. Let the conversation be about a topic that helps both of you and most of all, it must be interesting. Don’t gossip or talk bad (though it’s quite interesting sometimes :p) about others… But this is strictly not for those whom can’t handle 2 things at one time! Make sure your chat does not affect the efficiency of your work!

4. Email chatting

If you do not have a colleague nearby or able to chat with you, email chat with someone else which you know, best if they are also using the same network so that emails sent are fast to be received. Keep a conversation alive as well,  but make sure also that you still do your work and that it increases your efficiency. It kept me awake while reading the reports to be translated into training materials and my, it did save my life…


5. Wash your face every 5 minutes…

Ya, I’m serious! every 5 minutes!!! or maybe every 3 minutes if 5 is too long… washing face can only keep me awhile before the cool breeze of air cond blow on my face rendering me to a cooling environment suitable only to sleep… I use to pour water on my face when I was driving back home during university. That time I wasn’t afraid of my car getting wet because it was an old car… it works and saved my life many times from car accident….

6. Walk around noisy factory

If you have a factory as noisy as mine, then take a walk while holding documents to read around your factory. the loud noises will keep you awake and you’ll even have a chance to get an idea how to solve a problem while looking at the problems in the production line. I’ve learnt this, creative ideas don’t always come from brainstorming but when you least expect it to come…

I get my ideas mostly when I’m in the toilet!

7. Think about someone or something you like

Try thinking about someone you like or something you’re looking forward to, then continue to do your work. It refreshes your mind a bit, get your mind off the work for awhile, so that you can see things at work from a far. You get to think “out of the box”, and sometimes new ideas came from where you don’t know!

8. Read jokes

There are plenty of jokes on the internet that you can find now, including blond jokes, geek jokes, writer’s jokes, etc… But don’t laugh too loud!


I’m out of ideas… hahaha I’ll put up more when I have…. :)

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