Thursday, December 18, 2008

Watch TV on laptop, finally!!!

yay!!! I'm so happy!!! finally, I got to watch TV on my laptop!!! I was so blessed last week at PC fair when my colleague suddenly decide to give me his tv tuner! It started when he asked me what I want to look at in PC fair, I told him, i might look at tv tuner. then he told me, "aiya... I give you la.. I got one i never use before" .... wow!!!


It is Kworld brand TV-PVR USB2.0 TV2800, and this was given to him 1 year ago when he subscribe to some magazine and he never use it till he gave me.


An external USB 2.0 tv tuner. I wanted a PCMCIA type last time so that it can be plug into my laptop all the time and i can bring anywhere i want, but well, this is given by others, it's okay.

To use with this tuner, I need to buy an aerial. Bought an average tv aerial with internal amplified booster at RM 43



So the journey begins! I got the cd follow the instructions and everything. then tried to run the program but.....  it didn't work because the driver and the software was outdated.... haiz...  I need to update the software again... =.= took me hours to find the software update.... and finally found it at 1am in the morning... haiz...

After installing the updates... hehehe voila!


oops sorry.. can't really see the video with printscreen. I'll try to capture with the software...


wow! first glimpse of it! amazing!!! tuning to other channels...

I manage to get TV3, ntv7, 8tv and tv9(is there tv9? i just only got to know hehehe )... wow 4 channels for me to watch! isn't it wonderful!

some of the snapshots...









the reception is still bit blur because I haven't really find a good position for my aerial. It's just situated next to my computer now.. maybe have some interference or what... anyway I will find a good spot to get better reception...

TV programs! here i come!!! on my laptop yay! Time to start to check tv program times... :p

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