Monday, December 22, 2008

Karen Kong... new Malaysian artist...

Karen Kong, or simply known as Karen K to the fans, born in Labuan, student of S.M St Anne, Labuan, S.M.K Labuan, Tunku Abdul Rahman College and Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman. Now a famous Malaysian artist with her most favourite, Cinta Hello Kitty and Ku Tak Upaya... my favourites as well ^^

She have really beautiful smile...

Kong's debut single was launched in January 2007. Her debut EP also includes her singles Cinta Hello Kitty and Ku Tak Upaya, both penned by fellow Malaysian songwriter Asmin Mudin (writer of Malaysian Idol Jaclyn Victor's Gemilang). Both were featured on several radio station top charts including ERA, Xfresh and others.


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On 17 July 2007, she made a first in the Malaysian music scene by being the first artiste to hold a web concert. In September, she announced her plan to produce a Mandarin album (and her Chinese stage name, as stated above). The album, titled Showtime, which has since been finished and scheduled for release on 27 October[2], however, hit a snag when it was found that retail stores refuse to distribute or sell the album. This lead her company to only sell her album in a 50-leg promotional tour around the country.[3]


listen to some of her songs here ya... this is my favourite.. Cinta Hello Kitty... really nice...

Cinta Hello Kitty

Mengapa kau membutakan telingaku
Mengapa engkau membutakan hatiku
Sehinggaku tak peduli
Semua insan berbintiku

Hinggaku sanggup melarikan diri
Tinggalkan ibu ayah dan Hello Kitty
Bersamamu ku temui
Yang kukenal sehari

Ku tahu ibu ayah terguris hati
Siang dan malam gelisahkan aku
Hello Kitty tolong aku
Katakan aku ok…
Esok aku meraih hari jadiku
Air mata berlinang dipipiku
Hello Kitty tolong aku
Tiupkan lilin yang buta ini

Setelah kepalsuan mencelikkanku
Setelah penyesalan menginsafkanku
Hello Kitty tolong aku
Aku mahu pulang…

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