Sunday, December 14, 2008

PC Fair 2008 12 - 14 December 2008


yay! thats right! PC fair is here again! this time I go on the last day to see got what. I heard there's not much cheap stuff, and the search for beautiful booth babes also has been disappointing for lowyat forum. so decided to go see myself... before that... klcc has put up an enormous Christmas Tree!




so big o... anyway.. i reach there quite early at 10am.. hahaha ya you're right.. bit kiasu.. i wanted to reach earlier so that no much people yet... still...


the number of workers there already so much!...

Then as I go in.. these are the pictures i manage to take...




DSC04205 DSC04211


the pictures are taken by my faithful k800i... so not that clear....

so many people.. and it gets more and more after....


DSC04209 DSC04220

DSC04224 DSC04226

For more pictures... visit this website 

alright! I bought myself an A4tech Glaser mouse (RM38) , some ink for my printer and a gel that clean keyboards, handphones etc(RM12) which they call it "Cyber Clean"... this gel is suppose to catch dirt and kill germs at keyboards! haha bought to try it out...


the mouse is quite good tho.. comes with retractable wire.. have an extra button -"2x", which double clicks when you press it... hahaha good for lazy people like me... :p


hahaha talking about innovation...

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