Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool’s day

This year’s April Fool’s day is so different for me because I spend it in Melbourne!!!

Today I have decided to cook for my housemates. Went out to Victoria Market late in the morning to buy the stuff for cooking…


The market was just full of people… Probably because the next day is Good Friday



They have little chicks for sale as well.. aww poor thing…

after that, I went to have lunch at a Vegetarian place. It’s so cheap!!! $6.50 per person. with meals + dessert + drinks… you can refill how many you want! But i’m just too full after just having one plate…



At night, started cooking about 6 plus, took quite awhile to prepare.. so pai seh…


While preparing the dishes.. I just felt there were too much already… :p


ta da…. Japanese curry…


ta da… well not me cook everything… I just cooked the Japanese Curry and one of the vegetables… hahaha


my housemates… amazing people… very friendly people. :) thanks so much guys! You guys are great!

To Julio and Laura, have a great time in NZ!

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kho said...

brother...u cook ar...dont frighten ppl from foreign countries and xia sui malaysia food ler...japanese curry lagi...monday i open this blog to show yamanaka...sure he laugh till cannot work...u should know who i am...hahaha