Wednesday, July 7, 2010

still alive? of course!

hey hey, sorry i haven’t been blogging for awhile. There’s been a lot of happening and time was sufficient enough for me to blog. At last now I can blog and have at least some pictures to put on! hahaha

so what did I do after I left Auckland? Hmm where did I stop last? oh ya. After the April Fools day! That was really long…

Okay after that I left Melbourne to go to New Zealand.

NZ here i come!!!


the view from the plan was beautiful.



When I reach to Auckland, I went to do some formal stuff like application for bank account and IRD account at Auckland city. Manage to go around Auckland for a day.


Post office with Kiwibank together

 P1040149  P1040151 P1040152 P1040153 P1040154 P1040155 P1040156 P1040157  P1040159 P1040160 P1040161 P1040162  

Not much like KL, cannot compare.




Sky city…



Didn’t have much time as were only travelling for awhile there. :p

so tired, i will blog more when I have time. Have to take more rest as I have work tomorrow at 7am!!!

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