Saturday, July 25, 2009

1st Day teaching at SRJK© Khe Beng

My first day teaching at SRJK© Khe Beng. I started of with being replacement teacher for other classes. When I enter the class, started la… “Ti yi!, Lao shi zao an!”, Then they sit, after awhile, start to get noisy already, some of them non-stop talking behind, I need to shout at them! :~

After recess period, I start to take over English class for standard 4 to 6 because the teacher start to take maternity leave. My goodness, the table was full of books not yet mark. I need to do planning as well for teaching of what in classes for all the 6 classes i’m teaching (2 class for each standard).

After recess period, I’m already in one of the class, supposedly to teach English. It was 6J, one of the notorious classes. My o my, they’re just so noisy. I can’t stop shouting for one second. Just then i realized, it’s so much easier teaching in tuition! at least the students come prepared to learn. Over here, most of the students don’t want to study! they just want to sleep and do other stuff, anything but study!

2nd day, and it’s still not yet change for me. I still have the “unfamiliar” feeling with all the things on the table. Planning Record book, the books that need to mark, student’s exercise books, and rotan! but the teacher’s table are really full of even a lot of other stuff which I can’t manage to clear it off. The students have so much of exercise to do, that means more exercise for the teachers to mark! Before I go back, I was even told i need to mark the exam papers because it’s trial papers exam for standard 6 students! I took the paper back to mark… :(

3 Days I teach already, need to get a hand of it. Still so many to learn and so many to get hang of it, besides just teaching and also the records. Though there’s so many naughty students, some of the students are just really cute! Especially the standard 4 students, seems they’re very scared of me, cause maybe I’m a male teacher.

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