Monday, July 6, 2009

Bad customer service...

Today I just have an experience of bad customer service at "shopToshiba@the Mobile Computer" which their real name is "Emerge Marketing". Location is at Digital Centre at Sunway Pyramid. I bought my Toshiba laptop from their shop 11 months ago, and just 1 month ago got flickering monitor problem and it should be the inverter problem. I sent my laptop to their shop on 22nd Jun and they say will take 2 weeks, first for them to send over and second week for the company to send back. I have called up TeleDynamics(which is their Authorized Service centre for Toshiba) and they say, it will take just 3 days. It's just the inverter problem so won't take long. 3 Days should be inclusive of diagnosis and test. So today I called their shop earlier, and the person who picked up the phone never ask for any serial number just say the laptop not yet arrive. I think it's really "amazing" he knows which laptop i'm talking about without asking for serial numbers or more information on the laptop. he say he will ask his supervisor to call me back in half an hour. then I never receive any phone call from them.. I went to their shop, and after much talking with the sales person, he say the laptop just only sent last week friday(3 July 09). Why would they keep customer's laptop for so long and not do anything about it?

And it seems the supervisor there is the person that didn't want to care for my case. He didn't even provide for me solution of what they can do for me, instead give me reasons and say they never do customer complain in 2 weeks time. Didn't even check the status of my laptop. I don't even know the status of my laptop. They just say "Send already". But I don't want to just know "Send Already", I want to know where is it, whether it's repaired or not and when can I get it back? I'm already not happy that it takes so long for them to send over to their headquarters, and now I don't even know when can I get back?

And then he just go back to his computer do his thing. And he just tell his subordinate(the one that handled me last time) to call me and talk to me (cause the subordinate is on leave). Why can't he just talk to me? This is how they treat customers for after sales customer service is it? Their team leader name is Daud. I won't forget his name. Cause I remember when I was talking to him, he didn't look at me, and keep on looking at his monitor as though i'm not there. His attitude is really bad.

I wanted to take the picture of their shop, but one of their staff stop me, say i cannot take. so i delete it. Is there a law say you cannot take their photo? hmm.gif

This is their shop. I get from another website.

What happened to customer service with personal touch? nowadays, there doesn't seem much good customer service around. Once you buy, you're on your own...

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