Monday, January 19, 2009

mY cUtE hAmStErs ~ kIm cHi & jErRy

yay! yup! i got myself new pets... got myself hamsters!!! yay.. just bought them yesterday from midvalley... they are really suuupeeer cuuuute! I'm still learning how to take care of them....   here's some pics of them...


DSC04561 DSC04562


The first day, they are just so hyper active! they kept on running on the wheel, taking turns and running and running... wow! but they continue running and running after midnight last night... =.=.. they jz wouldn't goto sleep.... :p

hehehe just now right, i waited and waited until they fall asleep.. then manage to take some photos.. ssshhh


but didn't take long for them to realize i was taking their pics... hahaha... smart hamsters.... caught red-handed!


i got two.. one of them is small but run very fast and more active then the other one....

hence.. i named him.... jErRy (the one on the lower right, eating stuff)


he's a bit fairer then the other... but he's not shy at all. when i hold him the first time, he just keep on running from my hands!

the other one is a bit bigger, and dark in color. when he got back at my room the first time i tried to touch him , she was shocked. But afterwhile, she got active again and keep on running around the cage...

today after work, when i saw her, she hid her face in the bedding... =.=... hahaha she's really the shy one... but occasionally when she's active, i saw her bullying jerry o... walao .... so i named her kim-chi... hahaha for no particular reason.. :p


both of them are like good sisters together.. both of them sleep together side by side just now o.. hahaha... they're just so cute!

strangely they like to sleep under the wheel... think they're just big cold.. maybe a house would be a good idea for both of them.. separate houses for both.. hehehe so they won't fight over it.. :P



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