Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hamster Ball!!!

yay! I bought hamster ball for my babies!!! they're just like the one in Bolt. hahaha and my hamster like them so much!



DSC04659 DSC04661 DSC04662 DSC04663 DSC04664 DSC04666 DSC04667

once they got in the ball, they just keep running everywhere! and the ball keeps on rolling everywhere! wow! they didn't stop when i put them back in the cage... even inside the cage, they also keep on running! Boy! aren't they active!

For a lot of people whom are sceptical about hamster balls out there, just buy it for your hamsters. Don't worry, they'll surely like it!


yikyee83 said...

wooh!! so cool!!
a BIG clap to the one who created this toy and cage 2 in 1^

Tom said...

hehe.. yap yap.... it's really a very nice toy!