Monday, September 28, 2009

My ideal phone

I’m not very greedy, but my ideal phone would be as follows

  • Candybar type. preferably just the size of K800i maximum
  • Unlimited entries for phone book and sms (shared memory)
  • Interface – like sony ericssons are the best
  • at least 5 Megapixel camera with xenon flash. CCD type of camera to reduce noise.
  • LED light, for using the handphone as torch light. the LED better be situated at the top. Will not be using it for video recording.
  • 3x optical zoom, with face recognition.
  • Secondary camera, just VGA is enough for video conferencing
  • Smart finder (like sony ericsson’s feature)
  • handsfree connect from bottom. side makes it difficult for me to control
  • blogging feature and upload only via cable to computer to internet (blogspot)
  • Camera is with active sliding cover (pop up camera taking when open)(instantly!)
  • QWERTY keyboard hidden underneath the phone, slide open when used.
  • WIFI not really necessary, hardly use phone to connect to internet as the screen is just too small
  • GPS with A-GPS support, and able to install Garmin-XT.
  • The two buttons in K800i for quick picture viewing is NECESSARY
  • scratch proof glass
  • Accelerometer for autorotate feature. And picture taking autorotate.
  • M2 card at least supportable to 16G, and M2 card is easily accesible from just outside the handphone. (that means no need to open battery cover to take the M2 card)
  • Push2talk with dedicated button for push2talk
  • dedicated button to play song.
  • good tactile feedback on all the buttons.
  • no joystick
  • touchscreen is optional. but if got touchscreen, features must be like iphone.
  • Calendar is like sony ericsson, just increase the “notes” feature to unlimited characters.
  • Able to set shortcut directly to java application.
  • FM radio with RDS support. able to record and have track id support.
  • dedicated call and end button
  • dedicated internal processor – fast enough to handle everything without lag.
  • fullscreen picture caller

So far still can’t find a phone with these features… hehehe


remsal said...

So C905 is the closest to your ideal phone?

eYeS & eArS said...

yeah, but c905 is a bit bulky and it is a slide phone. and the phone cannot install garmin xt, still lack a lot... :p

eYeS & eArS said...

So far n82 is the nearest (some functions can neglect from the requirements) which i can get! I'm getting an N82!!!!