Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Last day teaching in Khe Beng

It really has been teaching at this school! Yesterday I even have the privilege to bring the students for Daerah level story telling competition!


The most left one is one my story telling contestant! The other two are her best friends. Also storytelling contestants but at school level. They also have great talents.

As we left in car, I start to realize that they really enjoy talking so much. Well standard 6, I guess all of us are also like that at that age right? hahaha


We reached to Hin Hua and went to the main hall where the competition was held. I was very nervous the whole time cause this is my first time bringing them to the competition.


Although she didn’t win the top positions, but I think she really did very well in the competition. Well the judges are the ones that made the decisions right? I think she really did put a lot of effort and I really appreciate it. After that I treated them McDonalds and they were really happy about it!

Today teaching at school were just as normal as any other days. I guess I’ll be missing a lot teaching the kids. 2 months, just 2 months, I still remember most of their names of the pupils the classes I taught. Some of them so adorable! some of them so naughty! But it’s really satisfying when I get to involved in their lifes, to teach them the right values to remember.

DSC01459 DSC01460


The Bilik Guru is the only pictures I manage to take today. Hahaha I can’t be taking the photos of the pupils. Later they’ll realize it’s my last day. hahaha

I’m going to miss them so much! :P

So probably a lot of people will be asking me, will I be joining the profession of teaching?

Well maybe :D

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