Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Formosa Restaurant, Petaling Jaya

Got myself to this Taiwanese restaurant.

It was raining heavily, but luckily it got small when I reach there!

This is quite nice but a bit salty!

This is something like pop corn chicken except I think there is chilli leaves which give it a better taste and smell!

This one quite nice, not bad though!

The vegetable was nicely cooked as well. Soft enough for us to enjoy the texture of the vege. The pumpkin not bad!

I like this one coz the gravvy is very nice. But I personally dun really like to take the yam this way... Hehe the pork goes well with the gravvy!

Regretted ordering this coz the sauce is spicy and there's not much taste in the gravvy other than spiciness! I just too few spoons of it only!

This duck meat is very good! They even gave us two flavours!! The dry one is to dip in lemon sauce and it's very nice! With the crunchy texture and dry meat, it somehow tasted like "Ayam Penyet" from Indonesia just this is duck!

I should have taken picture of the menu!!! HAhaha

Yup, I'm back guys! Will start to keep my blog alive!

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