Saturday, October 2, 2010

Working at new Zealand

Hey finally find some time to blog... Haha ok I've been working in New Zealand since April.

When i reach to tauranga was working in mussel factory for the first week. Then i found a group of friends that able to travel with.

Then after that we got a job at Tepuke at kiwi factory to work as grader.

That time we stayed at a beach. A REAL working holiday hehe

Working in trevelyans is really a good experience, meeting a lot of wonderful people from so many different countries, corners of the earth. All came here for one purpose... Working holiday!

The season ended on early July.
And after that we have to find job again. During the break before finding a new job, we went to the north land for sightseeing.

The main attraction was at Cape Range where the most northern point of New Zealand is there. We went to see the lighthouse. The wind was so strong that it almost blew me away!

On the way back we stop at Paihia to stay for a night.

Continue after that we start working as repacker at the same company again.

Working for about two months there. After that I met another group of malaysian and decided to travel together with them too.

We climb to Mount Maunganui to see the beautiful sunrise.

We also climb to Papamoa hills where we can see Mt Maunganui from there.

Time has come to leave this town, and leave to a new place. Thank God we found a great place, a really beautiful place. It feels like heaven here.

The owner's house

Beautiful view from there.

Where we stay...

One morning we wake up to see beautiful sceneries outside

The clouds covers the mountain tops. It feels like hanging on the tip of heaven.

While our work is quite good as well.

Birds chirping in the morning with my coffee on the tabletop. Sound of the wind whistling through the trees, sunrays that heat you up to keep u warm from the cold breeze.


yun said...

Hey there, i'm heading there on a whv from singapore in early 2011, this would be my first trip out myself and would love any advice you can give.

Things such as how much did you bring, how should i pack (i'm planning to do seasonal work but heard that the weather can be pretty cold, so doubt tshirts would cut it) and if planning for a week in advance is really enough are questions that i have.

Thanks in advance for any answers you can provide ! (:

eYeS & eArS said...

hi, i just saw your msg. i guess you must already be at new zealand right now. Do enjoy! :)